Friday, July 8, 2011

Sketchbook Saturday Morning

There is something that our family loves to do. We call it Sketchbook Saturday Morning.

We sit around a table, mostly at our corner coffee shop-- we bring our sketchbooks and a pile of art supplies. Then, we spend an hour or two in conversation and giggling, drawing, coloring or painting and eating baked goods, drinking coffee (or hot chocolate).

It's a precious time during the week. It's technology free (we are most of the time anyway) and just a time to connect to each other. The conversations that we have while our hands are similarly occupied are at times deep and knowing-- but at others silly and wistful.

On our camping trip, we spent our Saturday morning at the picnic table drawing with Mommy's special pens (THEY WERE SO EXCITED)-- until it was too hot and we moved to our chairs in the shade.

It is a surreal feeling having the kids sit next to me drawing and painting. Learning to enjoy the things I love.

Do you have a technology free day/activity? How do you like to share your passions with your children?


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous ritual! Great idea. I might have to borrow this one :) How I share my passion with the kids? This year I introduced finger knitting to me daughter. She joined me at my knit circle a couple of weeks ago when I was hosting. She knit out until the ladies got too rowdy and some naughty words started flying around ;)

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