Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mud Baths

Saturday, while Eric was at the grocery store and I was finishing the last of the vacuuming. I got a knock on the back door. And I was greeted by this.

Muddy-muddy children.

Laughing with delight at their filthiness! They were 'playing in the sprinklers' with their beloved next-door neighbor friends and after an hour or so, this is what it evolved into.

And instead of get angry at their mess, I grabbed my camera and a towel for their track-making feet!

And we laughed together while they regaled me about their mud-slinging adventures.

First they got to rinse off all the grass and mud. Then we washed the tub. And then they took a real bath.

And I got the mud out of their swim suits. Hooray for me! And they are still talking about how dirty they got. Hooray for them!


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