Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving for food...

Two things you can be sure of in our families. Food and coffee.

It was a great feeling to wake up every morning and put on a pot of community coffee. This year Grandmommy had gotten starbucks Thanksgiving blend. We went through a pound and a half. Breakfast? We need some coffee. Afternoon sweets? Coffee! Leftover cupcakes and pumpkin bread. Co---fffeee! And with pumpkin pie? Pass the coffee. Ahhh isn't it beautiful?

For Isabel's birthday, our dear friend Melissa and her sister made these awesome cupcakes. Red velvet perfect glitter sprinkles and sugar, wonderful rings adorned each one. Totally fancy for our fancy girl!

Dad and Eric made breakfast together, pancakes and eggs. And of course good coffee, it reminded me of when I was little, every Saturday morning Dad would make batches of pancakes. Just the smell of pancakes make me happy.

Priscilla, my beloved mother in law made this spicy ginger cake with the kids in this ginger bread house cake pan. Isn't it perfect? I broke little pieces of it off all week to have with my coffee. O my. I think the trees tasted the best. A little crunch, lots of spice.

Megan, my sister had this awesome idea to make a pomegranate-jalapeno-glaze for the turkey. The recipe was for ham, but I suspect that you could use it for any kind of meat.

Ahh this post is making me hungry and a bit homesick!  Christmas will be here soon, and another round of food and coffee!

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