Thursday, September 2, 2010

Resolutions or something like that...

What is it about September that makes it feel like a new year?

Something in the air changed today, markedly different from yesterday.

Cooler, crisper. Like the changing winds.

I love September, it rivals October for my favorite month. It's a fresh start: newly sharpened pencils and a notebook. A new year. Let's not make New Year's resolutions in the middle of the cold, desolate winter.

Let's make them now, in the vibrancy of fall. When we may actually get them accomplished. And no resolutions like lose 10 lbs. But what about goals like find a perfect sweater or make the best pumpkin spice latte. Learn to embroider, be a better friend, ride a bike on a wooded path.

I know we'll have a few more weeks of summer heat, but for this few day break and the promise of fall. I'll think about my year, my resolutions and hear the wind change, calling my name.

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Mary Beth said...

Clicking through right now to say I really enjoyed your piece in Rhythm of the Home. We too work full time (not in the summer but certainly for the rest of the year) and it is always nice to hear from other working mothers. Finding balance in particular is something I strive for.

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