Monday, September 27, 2010

Ahhhh, Hello.

And now we wake up, right where we started. And we take a deep breath. In and out. You may open your eyes.

This is how I end each of our adventures, our bedtime meditations. We just started taking them again. The bed time craziness seems to be not so crazy when we take a little time to just mellow out. Tell a good mind following story and end up back, comforted and whole, where we started off-- in our beds.

I think that's how I'm feeling about these last three weeks. Crazy and almost unchartable. I feel like I lost touch, floated away, deep outside of my house and myself. And now that I have the house tamed (thanks to some amazing help), my to-do list still long but timed better, my calendar in check (no more nights out for a while), and my meals planned (no more food out either!). I'm back and here. I touch my feet down. Ready to start where I left off.

So, as we say in our house, let's all take a deep breath together. Let your breath in swirl up in your head, and release down through your limbs (arms and legs). Let the out breath relax you.

You may open your eyes.

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