Monday, August 2, 2010

The August Break

This weekend our little house got 'da Colds'--if you ask Truman he'll look at you with his itchy watery eyes and stuffy nose and croak out.... "I need to sleep so I can get rid of Da Colds."

We spent most of Saturday with Grandpa John and Grandma Bonnie. And I feel like our life is falling back into place. I decided I'm not going to sell at farmers' market this season. It's become too overwhelming with how this summer has transpired so far. I'm going to miss selling, but whose to say I can't just take a cup of coffee and go sit with my beloved community. That's what I did this week-- making community sans 12 hours of baking the night before.

Most of Sunday we spent relaxing and taking care of each other. We had our weekly lunch date, this week with lots of people and such good food. Later, we put the kids to bed and watched What About Bob? I hadn't seen it in years and it was still as funny! I think laughter is a cure for 'da colds!'

How was your weekend?


This August I'm partipating in the August Break through Susannah Conway's blog. There's not a lot of rules. But for me it will be a picture and a few word-- as much as I can do without feeling too overwhelmed. And that sounds just right to me. 

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