Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The August Break: Eating Local

For lunch every day, Eric and I trek less than a mile from our office building (Yes! We work at the same place!) to our little house.

And usually we dig up something to eat, do some dishes, start a load of laundry. You know the normal things.

But I love it when we take a bit of extra time for a quick healthy, filling meal. Yesterday's lunch was locally raised ham with farmers'-market garlic, vine-ripe tomatoes, home-grown potatoes and friend-grown zucchini. A little balsamic and olive oil. And bam a delicious lunch.


A quote to think about:

Every experience, every thought, every word, every person in your life is a part of a larger picture of your growth. That’s why I call them crumbs. They are not the whole loaf, but they can be nourishing if you give them your real presence.
- Macrina Wiederkehr, from her book A Tree Full of Angels

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