Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Search of Summer: May 26th


Hello Friends! Such a great group is joining us for In Search of Summer. We will be documenting summer in all forms in all parts of the world. Asking the question, "What does summer mean to me?" If you want to join, just visit this post and email me a link of your blog and I'll send you a button!

[Me with two favorite things, flowers and coffee!]

 [Emily and I]

Today, I will be finishing up the last of the Des Moines posts and starting In Search of Summer with something that is so close to my heart, Farmers' Market. Farmers' Markets hold all that summer is, fresh, local, just picked, bottled or jammed food. Still warm bread and pastries. Beyond the food, it's the community aspect.

Des Moines Market is blocks wide-- brimming with people at 7 a.m. There was the regular but exquisite flowers and produce but the vendors-- were amazing. And BREAD. World Food. Yarn and baskets! O wow.

 [Breakfast of Champions too-good-to-be true breakfast burrito!]

 [Mushrooms that I've never seen before!]

[Hand spun yarn-- you know I had to buy some]

 [Orchids, Orchids]

I'm excited to say that Farmers' Market in Orange City (my own little town), starts June 1! I only am able to bake and sell for the Saturday morning session, but I love the group of vendors that we sell with. I'm so excited to be selling with all of them again!

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Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Nice! :D Im so excited about this project, I just posted my first post today :) hope you like it.I like yours alot, I'm really getting the summer feelings from it.

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