Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WEEKENDhospitality:: Baked Bakery Cookies

Thank you so much for the book suggestions, keep em coming and I'll put together a massive list soon. 
This Sunday bordered on perfection, walking to church in the sunshine, good food, good friends naps and a trip to the park. Really what else could you hope for? We have friends that we share a meal with every Sunday-- family dinner style. This has been such a grounding ritual for us, if you have a group of friends who like to eat. Join up for a weekly meal, you won't be sorry.  --Mary

This weekend our friend, Bob made the best guacamole, hand-formed burgers, fresh cut potato wedges and served with ice cold beer. What a great meal! It was great to spend it with friends enjoying the beauty of sunshine coming through the windows.

I decided to keep it simple this week, even though Truman wanted donuts again. My trusty dusty easy fall back is the classic and always delicious chocolate chip cookies. I used a recipe from this book but altered it by adding a tsp of cocoa powder (always delicious). I love making chocolate chip cookies and make them whenever there are chocolate chips in the house.
The funny thing about this recipe is how different they turned out (I made some at lunch and some as an evening snack with Mary). At lunch I didn't have my silpat and just put them on a stainless cookie sheet. They came out crispy and flat, yet very delicious and the chocolate oozed. 
At night I used my silpat and cooked them the same and they came out much nicer and chewier. The chocolate was still oozing but they had a better consistency and I liked them better. I will definitely be doing this one again.
What is your favorite quick fix fall back recipe? 

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