Monday, April 12, 2010

No Pictures, Still Reading!

This weekend, for the first time with my kids, we read an entire 'book with no pictures'. It was a personal goal to read great books with the kids at bedtime. Ones that required imagination and consentration.

We read Sarah, Plain and Tall, in just a few sittings, but mostly in the car on Friday evening. They kept asking for more-- "Just a little more, Mimi. Please?" How could I say no?

When we finished it last night,  I asked some questions, who was your favorite character? Sarah.

What was your favorite part?

Isabel said, "Seal kitty. I love kitties." No surprise there.

And Truman, "Wooly-rag Wort!?" Repeating flowers they have in Maine...

Do you have any suggestions for read-aloud books. Because, I hope this is a family tradition that sticks around.

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