Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleep with the windows open...

Good morning, I’m a tad exhausted, Eric is off to early morning bible study with his guy-friends. And I am trying to drag the kiddos out of bed.

But, friends, it is beautiful outside and even though it’s cooler than yesterday, we slept with the windows open. And there is nothing like the feeling of fresh air on the morning!

Filling your lungs up with cool and moist morning air while still under warm covers. O my. It’s like you can smell the grass growing, and flowers are pushing their way out of the ground.


I know, everyone is talking about Jamie-- I’m not the only one, but Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is amazing. But that first episode, makes me cringe. Seriously. I watched it with a sense of nervousness— and the resistance, government led standards that are no help to having quality food in schools. Arg. But I hope this really makes a difference in our country and how we feed kids. HOW DID THOSE KIDS GO THROUGH LIFE AND NOT KNOW WHAT VEGGIES ARE??? (Deep breath...)

The park is finally dry enough to play in... Well until it rains tomorrow. But no fear, We’ve got rain boots for Izzo, and this weekend I’m going to try and pick up a pair for Truman too. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know they are our preferred footwear for summertime. What is better than a ‘suit-kini and rainboots?’ It’s the perfect summer uniform.

Kitchen Table Wisdom— this book may be my number one read of all time. And it’s been years since I’ve found a book that knocks, Great Gatsby and 100 Years of Solitude off their pedestal. It may not be the Great American Novel. But it was so real, the understanding of sick and well, healing and wholeness— humanity. Geez. Go read this.

Changing routines tonight. Just in time for spring! No more pacifier, and no more sippy cups at bedtime. I’ll let you know how we turn out.

I keep thinking about lunch yesterday it was so good! Whole wheat toast with sautéed asparagus, sharp cheddar cheese and an over easy egg. I think that’s what I’ll be making for us for dinner tonight (though the kids will want to trade out asparagus for broccoli— which is good too).

Mumford and Sons, Broken Bells. 

Have you been watching, doing, reading, thinking and listening lately??

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