Wednesday, January 20, 2010

corner view "personal style"

This is my first week participating in Corner View. A group of people from all over the world blogging on the same topic-- a window view or a view of their proverbial corner. 

And so when I saw the topic personal style I started to giggle— it is kind of comical for me. I have a lime green corduroy coat and a blue scarf. My gym bag that I carry everyday to work is maroon patterned. I tend to surround myself with things I consider beautiful or well made. No matter if they don't match. 

More than my lime green coat, I doubt I have ‘style’ in the traditional sense, but I love eclectic, patterned and comfortable things to wear with jeans. 

 Scarves are wonderful aren't they? There purpose is two fold, coziness and great color.  My scarf collection is more based on where my friends have visited Lithuania, Bahrain and Morocco... Throw on a pair of funky flats in any color and you’re dressed like me.

Unless your wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt with no make up and a headband. In that case you’d also be dressed like me.

So, what is your personal style?

Some other stylish people visit:


RosaMarĂ­a said...

i love scarves too! and always looks for comfortable clothes to wear... i think everybody love jeans!

Emily said...

You have impeccable taste and have a talent for turning the mismatched and eclectic into a cohesive ensemble! Also, it should be noted that you have a keen eye for color and color combinations. I've often looked at items in my wardrobe and asked "How would Mary wear this?" for inspiration.

And scarves from Lithuania, Bahrain and Morocco... you must have cool friends ;)

Sandee said...

I think I am running on 139 consecutive days of jeans.... except for one or two pajama days slipped in! :)

I DID crochet a little fringe on my jeans to stir it up a bit! :)

And I have really gotten into cardigans lately....mainly some cool thrift store finds and one jjill splurge.... I have yet to knit one myself...a future goal.

And yes, the scarves! A must have, along with my three necklaces, two are skeleton keys (antique store find) and the third a custom made scrabble Necklace.

All so fun!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to CV!
We do have at least 1 bloke (Ian!) who joins us too, his blog is great.
Thanks for commenting, look forward to seeing more of you!

Liz said...

love your jeans and flats, and funky patterns style, and scarves from every little where...

liza said...

It's good to meet you and to see your style. Yes, I love scarves! And casual... Thanks!

Catherine Anne said...

Scarves are wonderful

Theresa said...

Welcome to CV Style Girl. I used to live in the midwest, far from there and the snow where I am now. I look forward to hearing about your chickens.

missvanham said...

scarves are great I love them..
Happy cv.

Anonymous said...

pretty eclectic for me as well...
some days it's a sleek black, white and grey outfit, others it's a cream colored knitted dress with tights, others it's jeans with a tshirt and my chuck taylors.
it's me, though. no one else.

Conny said...

Yes, welcome to the Corner View - I'm glad you decided to join in.

Your Yoga "style" is one I'm found in at times as it's the most comfortable. I do like your collection of colorful scarves. :>)

Cheers ~ Conny

Tea said...

I love your little owl pin on the courderoy jacket. And I should also say that you have a great knack for throwing together just the right pieces to make an excellent, original outfit! Take our Orca photo, for example. Amazing!

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