Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Little Rest....

It is so good to be back, settling into Sunday night routines. And readying the home, our bags, clothes.... for the week ahead. I think I’m winning the war on laundry, but you can never tell for sure. It was so amazing tonight to put the kids to bed, and sit in a clean, decorated house with a book for five chapters.

How was your Thanksgiving? Our holiday was wonderful, totally not what we expected, but exactly what we needed. We were unable to make it to Thanksgiving dinner with friends— the kids were sick. Suspected Strep, but Friday morning we found out that it was just long-lasting effects of the dreaded flu. Exhaustion, body aches and sore throats. The two little people, and their little bodies needed some rest and healing. 

Thursday we made breakfast Monkey bread and smoothies, while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The kids really interacted with the balloons. Truman said "Hello Abby Cadabby, this is Trubey, here my house!" 


At lunch time our friends brought over Thanksgiving dinner for us, so delicious. And it fed us several meals— I love holiday leftovers.

Other than that, we spent the whole weekend cuddling, napping, drinking soothing drinks, playing games, trains and tinkers. We took the opportunity to get back on schedule, to rest well, to get healthy. Good food filling our bellies, lots of sleep at night, sunshine on our walks and nothing sets forth healing like hot chocolate. Right? 

Friday after nap time, Isabel woke up a new woman. She look refreshed and had rosy cheeks. O that made my mama-heart soar. We were able to venture out a bit later in the weekend, but stayed close to home. 


Truman had perked up too— a little faster than his sister. He spent the weekend coloring and building trains.
We needed this weekend. I think it was in God’s grace that we were unable to travel, we were given this opportunity to retreat into our own little cocoon. Hopefully better health is on it’s way.

Check out the new playlist below... Christmas Tunes. Any other ones I should add? Send me your favorites!


Emily said...

Loving the holiday music player. It's making my afternoon much more enjoyable!! Thank you.

Elder Family said...

Not that I would want anyones little ones to get sick but I love those weekends when they show up and there is nothing in the world that has to be done but be together!

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