Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Sunday of Advent

Advent is my favorite time-- preparing for Christmas, for me it was always this magical time. Growing up we had little construction paper wreaths, my twin sister and I made in 1st grade. The purple-ditto transferred readings were rubbed off, and it was fading (pre-xerox copiers, my friends). But it was put out every year. Most Sunday nights we would gather around for the advent reading, and put some straw in the manger. Sang around the lit Christmas tree. We had a little wooden manger, we would prepare it for baby Jesus. Who always came Christmas morning, nestled in front of all the presents.

I want my kids to have clear memories of Christmas, like that. The things we did every year— I love my mom, but I don’t pack up 90% of my house and replace it with Christmas (thankfully, she doesn’t do this anymore). It took a bit of time to put up our tree last weekend, Izzo requested it for decorations for her birthday. Even though it broke my rule— no Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving. But I can’t say no to seasonal birthday decorations. Actually, I really enjoy taking the first Sunday night of advent to decorate. And this year, that’s what we did.

Truman loved putting up the ornaments. He’d say, “I need otherone, Mimi!” before the previous ornament left his hand. And of course we had to redistribute a bit as all the ornaments were... um... two feet up from the floor and hanging in one spot. Isabel wanted to put up mostly snow men, and any Disney ornaments we had. “Oh, is this another Cinderella one?” (No.) It took all of about 30 minutes, finished off with hot chocolate and reading the Luke account of the Shepard's and angels— since we had put up our nativity I was able to relate to the kids better the pieces of the story.

For now I’m going to pretend we didn’t trade in vintage Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer DVD and watch Barney instead. But we did--the kids insisted. But it was the family time and the snuggling that was so worth it, Barney or no Barney.

What are your plans for advent?


emily said...

i love the advent time too... and the counting down... it's all very special :)

Kerry said...

Oh Advent, my favorite as well! The anticipation, the clear focus, the hope, and the light in the darkness. I really want my children to have those clear memories and traditions as well. This is our first year at home for the holidays and even though it is not for the best of reasons, I am relishing the fact that it gives us time to build those traditions and memories of our own.

Heather said...

There is something so soft and wonderful about advent, and it is a wonderful time each day to reflect on the joys of the season. I wish you a wonderul advent season

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