Friday, October 2, 2009

The Puddle Jumper

Last night was one of those nights, where whining was used in place of talking. Where eating one more bite of quinoa became near world war three, instead of getting angry, I just set the timer. If she hadn’t finished her one bite by the time one minute was up, we would no longer be taking our special trip.

She finally ate the bite, as the timer rang, “Ummm, Mom this is Yummy.” And then proceeded to eat the rest on her plate. All that whining for nothing... grrr.

It was rainy and dreary, and it still is. So we bundled up, donned our rain boots and coats, packed into the car with the dog.

Our town has a three mile, wooded trail that connects us to our neighboring town. It is a godsend!

The whining dissipated as we ran down the trail head, found some puddles and jumped to our hearts content.

O the wonders of fresh air and woods, on our spirits.

We came home for baths and hot cocoa, the evening ended much better than it started.


Mariah said...

I am so glad we're not the only ones who are faced with the fight over dinner and then when they actually eat a bite, they want to finish it all.

Heather said...

Oh the dinner battle. We fight a new battle every day as well. Not sure who is winning the war, but I will be so happy when they finally get old enough to have a cease fire.

A walk in the woods always seems to being everyone back to center. Hope tonight is a bit better for you

emily said...

i loooove puddle jumping :)

Amanda said...

The dinner battle ends when they are 21~~ :)

gardenmama said...

A beautiful post!
It is incredible how the woods, fresh air and MUD can soothe the soul : )

Green Acres in the City said...

We have the dinner battle on a regular basis. All in all is sounds like a great evening, especially the puddles.

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