Thursday, October 1, 2009

Links and Love

Good morning sunshines,

This fine morning is cold. COLD. The kids have sneakers and jackets on. Long pants. It is raining. My how fast the seasons change. I broke out a wool sweater, that was my mother’s from college. Yep, I’m pretty much in love with it.

We’ve crockpotted two huge batches of Marina Sauce and we a lot more coming up. This batch will be frozen, since I used alot of eggplant, green peppers and squash in it. We’re going to be eating lasagna for the rest of our lives, there’s a lot worse things we could do right? But first I'm making this for dinner, it will be perfect for all of those extra green peppers we have. O yum.


And here is some linky love::
These sticky buns.
All the fall colors.
This swap, all the lovely people I’m meeting.
I want this dollhouse for my own. So cheery.

And Finally, this video from TED. It's Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love discussing Genius.
If you have time, it is totally worth watching.


Heather said...

Oh that video is great, thanks for sharing. I love that first photo, so perfect for Autumn. It is cold and windy here this morning as well. WE are safely ensconced in our bed with all the covers pulled up close :)

emily said...

oooo dinner looks good! i love couscous!!!
i was thinking up a good couscous recipe, actually!

perchesinthesoul said...

Those are gorgeous jars of sauce. I'm so in awe of anyone who does their own canning/preserving. It's such a mystery to me!

olivia rae said...

that homemade marinara sauce looks divine!! have a lovely weekend!


... said...

thanks for sharing that link of elizabeth gilbert. That was powerful stuff. Your stockpile of marinara will serve you well...

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