Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Manifesto

This weekend I will:

Watch the sunset over the fields

Can peas, freeze beans, make dill pickels

Spend tomorrow with the kiddos

Clean my house Note: after I took as shower for five minutes, two complete rooms in the house looked like I hadn't spent hours in them...

Look for the little things This is a continual goal!

Go to the farmer’s market-- have to save for next week!

Make a trek to the neighborhood bakery

Spend the morning at the park Boo the rain! (except that it was gorgeous)

Get a shot for Bench Monday

Drink a glass of wine

Laugh with friends

Pick more tomatoes. Make salsa.

Take a Sunday nap, after church I wish I would have actually slept

Sew something Saved for next weekend, though I've picked out what I'm going to work on and with what fabric, that's a start

Knit a baby hatstarted!

What will you be doing?

*I'm crossing out all that I've accomplished!


emily said...

oooo sounds like an amazing weekend. good luck on getting it all done!!

Kate said...

I love your list.

And me?
I'll be::
swimming in Lake Michigan
cooking too much kale
Sunday bakery fix
sew a pouch for new alphabet stamps
clean the kitchen
write a bit
drink a cup of tea on the front porch
Catch a beach sunset, and let the kidlets fall asleep in the car on the way home
Freeze some farm stand marinara sauce
And as of tonight I've::
finished a pantry overhaul
laughed and grilled out with friends
drank a glass of wine
and beach day with the kids;)

ah, here's to summer weekends!
ps-- off to check out what "Spring pad" is-- I just wrote about our Date Night!

gardenmama said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!
I hope to get in much of the same : )

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