Monday, August 17, 2009

Late Summer Snack

We arrived home late last thrusday night. Covered in dirt, tired but energized.

After working side by side in the garden with sweet friends. We brought in 4 huge boxes of garden glories: cabbage, sunflowers, squash, carrots, potatoes, beans, peas, the first of the tomatoes and cucumbers! I didn't even remember we'd planted cucumbers until a friend said, "Do you want to pick the pickels?" Um. YES! (Thank's Charlene!)

After we bathed the kids and put them down, we cleaned and seeded 14 sunflower heads (which yeilded 2 gallons of seeds). I have a whole photo story, that documented the whole process. Coming soon!

And washed the beans/peas for canning and freezing on Friday, and washed the cabbages for coleslaw (that we made for a friend’s wedding).

It was getting late, the kids were in bed and lucy was down for the night. I took a shower then made my self a little bedtime snack.

My grandma used to make us a summer salad that was just peeled cucumber, ranch dressing and fresh cooked, crumbled bacon. O my. Getting out of her pool, sitting over the hot bricks in the back yard on the heavy, white, wrought iron lounges (which never had cushions on them) eating this cool salad was the epitome of summer.

I felt a tinge of sadness and memory eating this cucumber salad in my night shirt on the front porch in the summer evening air. I figured it was too late for the neighbors to be peeping out anyway (if not well, hello neighbors!).

So whether you dress them in olive oil or in bacon ranch, cucumbers are a nostalgic summer treat.

Summer Bedtime Snack
1 small tomato
1 small cucumber
1 hard boiled egg (I boil a dozen or two at the beginning of each week to have on hand)
Oilve oil
Balsamic Vinager
Lime Juice (or juice of half a lime, I was out so I used the real lime product... I’m not sure if it is ‘real’)
Salt and Pepper

Dice tomatoes, and gently salt. Cut ends of cucumber’s first, as they are quite bitter. Then dice cucumber, you could peel first, but hey I’m lazy and I like some extra crunch. Dice hard boiled egg and then dress with olive oil, a little balsamic vinager (a little goes a long way), squirt of lime (or lemon), salt and pepper.

It is so easy and so delicious. You could double, triple, quadruple if you wanted too! Add some cilantro for some extra summer zing!


emily said...

oooo that little snack looks so good. i am totally making it tonight!! thanks lady!

Aimée Folse said...

looks like you will be eating well for a while, I look forward to the recipes to follow.

mina said...

What a healthy little snack! Thanks for the recipe

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