Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning Routines

First off, I have to say a big thank you to Lynette Kraft for featuring me on her blog late last week. What an unexpected treat!

Thanks for all the special ones who took the time to visit and comment! Did you know you could join us on facebook too?


This morning we started a new routine, we’re getting up earlier, so we can all eat breakfast together. I think since, time is such a commodity around here, we need to make the most of it, and breakfast is a way we can do that. Start the day as a family, food in our bellies, a little reading from the bible together, a quick prayer before we’re out the door. Hopefully to center our day, and to cut the craziness out of the mornings. To start a new morning routine, we had to start a new nightly routine, so there’s no more hurriedly packing bags and hunting for shoe-mates in the mornings. Is there something that you do that really helps get the morning moving? I’d love to hear any advice you have! (This picture is not from this morning, as it is still darkish when we're up before work.)


This weekend was a good mix of relaxing and work. We froze about 36 quarts of corn for Zestos, Inc. It is really awesome to come together as a collective group and work towards the goal of feeding people!

We picked tomatoes by the 5 gallon bucketful. I made some marinara sauce after the kids went to bed. I love tomatoes, I really do. But I think I’ll be doing a batch of sauce, whole tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, salsa every night for the next three weeks. Boiling water here I come...

The kids helped Rod move calves, they more stopped to pet and take turns holding the bottle. Aren’t those babies so sweet?


Elder Family said...

Hey Mary! Another fun post, love the pics. David and I always pack our lunches the night before (usually left overs) as well as any sippy cups, etc. Another quick is putting breakfast things together...make pancake batter the night before. I am sure those are kind of basic but that is our part. Have a great week

Valerie said...

That sounds like such a great idea :) I may steal it because with my husband's work schedule he is gone for most of the family meals but since the kids have to be up at 6:30 to get ready for school, he could eat his "dinner" while we eat breakfast together.

A night routine is the only way we can function in the morning. Before bed the kids have to pick up all the toys, pick out their outfits for the next day (so we don't have a power struggle over wanting to wear shorts when it's chilly, I get to veto or change the outfit as needed and they have time to pick another choice :) ), pack lunches, set out dinner (for days I put it all in the crock pot in the morning), make sure the backpacks are ready to go in the morning with homework/folders/share/notes for the teacher/lunchmoney/etc. I really should start setting out my outfits for the day at night, it'd solve my search through the various hampers of clean clothes for something to wear.. either that or put the clean clothes away but lets not get crazy here :D

I put the kids' clothes on a hanger, then put it on the doorknob so I can grab it and give it to them to get dressed. Everything goes on it down to the sock/underwear.

emily said...

routines are good to have. i find a get a lot more done when that happens.

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