Monday, August 3, 2009

Breast Cancer Walk

Hello friends, I know that Christmas is pretty far off, but I just wanted to tell you all about my friend, Rebekah who is doing a Three Day Breast Cancer Walk in her current hometown in Texas. They've been training crazy and working diligently to raise money.

She is walking in remembrance of a few women— but the woman that is closest to my heart is Sharon. Sharon lost her battle with Cancer two Octobers ago. She was a selfless mother of five and grandmother-- she was giving, gracious and made you want to be a better person. Even though, she is in glory, we miss her terribly. So in memory of Sharon, and others, help us raise some money for Rebekah's walk!

This $25 package includes:
1 vintage Christmas hankie
8 hand screen printed Christmas cards and red envelopes
8 red seals
Roll of gold ribbon
--For paper junkies-- this is all paper source/waste-not-paper materials

If you want this particular package, made by me, you can email her at

She has so many other cute aprons, jewelry, candles on her blog. Or just visit her to donate.

1 comment:

Kate said...

That is awesome, Mary! I am doing the 3-day walk in Minneapolis this year, and I am SO excited. Training and fundraising is hard, but SO worth it!

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