Monday, August 31, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Weekend Edition

(Day 3 evening) Friends
A night with my girlfriends and all of our children (eight of them!). Talking, laughing, eating, feeding, caring, wiping, listening... it was a really busy but peace-filled eveing.

(Day 4) Taking Time
We all need to take time to be together as a family. This weekend we took our time on Saturday, we slept in a bit (with kids thats like 7:30, right?), ate breakfast, went to the park and the kids took naps while I went to the farm (where are garden is located) to go pick tomatoes.

When I got there, I realized there was a lot more ready than I'd expected. So Jayne and I gathered: pickling cucumbers (a TON of them), sweet corn, some melons, peppers of all sorts and zeppelin squash. Then we snuck in a piece of apple pie straight from the oven and cup of coffee before I went home.

I got home and super crabby kids preempted our nights plans so we went to a new park in a different town. A lot of family time plus little change of scenery did us all some good.

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