Sunday, June 14, 2009

Put it on your Cal-ender: Carol Decker Auction

Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago a few friends alerted me to Carol Decker's situation thanks to cjane and her post. Carol went in for an emergency c-section and with some unforeseen complications lost one of her arms, her legs and eyesight. Almost a year has past since this tragedy and the blogging community is banding together to auction off some great handmade goods and services for Carol and her family. 

Wendy and I decided we could not sit idle and wanted to donate to her auction. Wendy makes these wonderful felted purses and you can bid on it silent auction style here

Look around at everything else they have too, I love these and these

You can read about Carol's story here and see an interview here

Please join us to help this sweet family!

Thank you, 

Mary and Wendy 

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