Monday, May 18, 2009

When do we become Dutchess?

After some thoughtful contemplation, in the front yard on Thrusday night Izzo asked,
Izzo: Do I get to be a Duchess?
Me: When?
Izzo: For Tulip Pestable? Do I get to wear a duchess costume?
Me: I don’t have a DUTCH COSTUME for you. Sorry, Izzo, maybe next year.
Izzo: That’s ok I have a cat costume from Halloween I can wear.

We obviously haven’t gotten a handle on the difference between being Dutch (which we are not) and being a Duchess. And a costume for the ‘Pestable’ and a costume for Halloween.


We survived Tulip Festival. It is an exciting time of year, the whole town gets into the spirit. Dressing up, scrubbing streets, food, friends and this town-wide reunion that happens. The parade runs by our house several times a day. It is exciting, wonderful and a tad overwhelming at the same time. The kids love that they can watch all the goings-on from the comfort of our huge front window. I get a tad tired of the lookie-loos (that’s a word my grammy used to use...). Um, no coffee in my bathrobe at the front window. I didn’t want the whole town to see me my quaft-hair and turquoise bathrobe glory.

A picture of Tammy and the kiddos at Halloween-- Izzo in her cat costume...

This year’s festival was a tad different because our beloved house-mate (like family, close like-one-of-my-sisters) sweet Tammy graduated from College! We had all the tulip festivities and all the graduation festivities. We were bursting with pride to see Tammy walk across the stage in all her regalia. It was really nice to be able to spend this last week with her, she didn’t have much work to do in the latter part of the week. And we got some much needed time with her, however, we didn’t watch EverAfter, which um... we both love. Its our thing. O next time.

A few other graduation parties for high schoolers and a bonfire at our house for Eric’s youth group kids— we had a pretty full weekend.

The kid’s were exhausted but in a good way. Both went to bed early last night and woke up in peach-keen moods. Which makes Mondays feel so much better.

*Tulip photo from

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