Monday, March 30, 2009

Stylebook: Truman's Room

So I realized today that I have done very little to redecorate my son's room. My friend, Wendy, has done much more! I stole this blanket from her house--OK so technically we traded (:
It's perfect for my vision of his room.
This is the newest addition to his room. His curtain. Which I love, love, love. Truman calls it, "Wendy." He points to his new curtain, and asks, "Whatsat" (What's at?), then answers himself, "ME Wendy." (My Wendy). He loves the real Wendy much more than his curtain.

He also says good night to his curtain, Wendy. Here's the beautiful curtain in all it's glory. I really am in love with it!

This lovely border is from here.

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