Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Letter Festival

If you would indulge me a little. I want to tell you about a festival that I'm really excited about! Friend and fellow blogger, Jim Ellis, has been working diligently for a cause that is close to our community. He’s running all of this grass-roots PR to get the word out, which I so admire. AND he’s running 61.05 miles for the famed red letter run.

The Red Letter Festival
is this weekend, it’s goal is to “raise awareness about negative effects of domestic violence, poverty and homelessness in the lives of women and children in Northwest Iowa.”

The actual festival is this weekend, there are lots of ways to participate. You can find the schedule here and donate your time or resources to help The Bridge in Orange City.

* NOTE: Check out Mr. Ellis and his story here and an article about The Bridge here.

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