Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twenty Five Things

My twin sister and I a few years ago...

1. I never do these surveys. I think I filled out a few a long time ago, when the internet was ‘new.’ SO I only do these kinds of things for people I love.

2. My dream is to live in a log cabin in the woods. With a fire to heat the place, and no electricity. I really wish I grew up with Laura Ingalls. But who doesn’t when you read those books?

3. I find myself starting a quite a few sentences with ‘I know, I’m really dorky but...’

4. I love my kids more than anything in the world (other than my husband, Eric, of course).

5. I want my kids to grow up with a sense of purpose. I want them to have good work ethic, to be responsible and kind people. To themselves, others and the universe.

6. I want them to be good stewards of nature. I hope that by gardening, talking nature walks, picking up trash, going camping/hiking, talking, discussing and leading by example will teach them these things.

7. I never want to move back to the concrete jungle part of California. If we do move back, I want to live some where closer to the ocean, wild grown trees and landscape of some sort.

8. I do want to be closer to my family. I have an intense love of my family and my friends. I may not express it all the time, thanks to being busy, busy. But I do.

9. In another life, or maybe later in this one. I want to move to Maine, the ocean and mountains. Distinct four seasons. The catch is that I’ve never, actually, been there.

10. My favorite music is folk music. Insert “I know, I’m a really big dork... But...” The Waifs, Patty Griffin, Missy Higgins, Forrest Sun.....

11. My favorite song is No Regrets by Forrest Sun.

12. Drinks of choice: 1. Can of ice cold Coca-Cola 2. Snakebite a layered beer. 1/2 Woodpecker cider, 1/2 Guinness. 3. Or Vodka/Lemonade

13. I have an amazing but diverse group of girlfriends. And I love them all so much. I think we connect on a different level.

14. I love to read. But I really like to read classics in Author sets. I’ve had to give that up as my New Years Resolution is to read more. Anything. Just read. I have accomplished that so far. I’ve finished three books in the first 9 days of the New Year. That is amazing.

15. I have a ton of artistic/crafty/creative ambition. I rarely return to anything I start. If I do return it’s years later. I usually pick something to learn about and then I have to study, read, do, make and then I exhaust myself from the process. But I’m trying to balance that part of my life. I want to have a few hobbies that I am good at and well satisfied with.

16. For a while everything in our life happened the week of Thanksgiving. We started dating, got engaged, got married, brought home our new baby on our first wedding anniversary, found out we were having our second baby and more. Just kept us remembering to be thankful.

17. Izzo nick-named me Bunny. Daddy was Puppy, Truman was Ducky, she was Kitty and I was Bunny. She had no clue of the social implications of calling an adult female a Bunny. But she did know that I got ticked off when she called me that. “Mommy’s name is MOMMY. If you choose to call me that name again, you are choosing to sit on the naughty chair.” Yeah, a few naughty chairs and then... Suddenly I became Mommy again. Teaching respect is hard. YIKES!

18. New Year’s Resolution #1— Knit more, weigh less.

19. I want a wood burning stove in the house and a rocking chair. And no TV. See number 2.

20. I’m always late and I almost never carry my cellphone (yep Eric those confessions were for you).

21. Favorite magazines: Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Coastal Living, CRAFT, Home Companion (I don’t think it’s super well designed but I do think they have good ideas).

22. I like to steal design ideas from random places, I think the natural world is an amazing place to gather inspiration. Birds, leaves, flowers, pinecones, branches....

23. I wish I had learned how to be my own person years ago. I think it would have made High School and early college a lot easier. I still am in process, I just wish I had realized that there was a process then.

24. I like birdhouses. Not ones that are made to look old but ones that are in fact old, and are still hanging on a tree from forty years from now. I also like old barns. In college I did a whole photography series on Vacancy the idea of old things that are left. I traveled, 7 1/2 months pregnant with Izzo and took hundreds of pictures of barns, junk yards, car graveyards and empty houses and hotels. It was very eye opening.

25. I try to live and raise my kids to be people who are compassionate and like Jesus— in the way we love and care for others.

Who are you? You don't have to list all 25 things but, give us a slice of who you are!


Channon said...

That's really cool. As a new reader, I enjoyed it. Enough that I might return the favor... maybe.

andrea said...

fun! these are all over facebook right now too! (me and mel are going to a missy higgins concert here in Omaha in Feb. (or march?) i forget.)

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