Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Bird Megan

Snow Bird Megan, originally uploaded by TheYellowDoorPaperie.

Here is my Meggie, she’s the youngest in our entourage of siblings. While she was out visit last week. She bamboozled me into making her this quick crocheted hat. She didn’t bamboozle too much... Just a big smile and some incredible yarn to go with it... But buttery soft yarn will get a yes out of me most of the time!

Here it is in progress.

Me trying it on while she slept. Yes I’m in my jammies... Or should I say her jammies. I borrowed the shirt.

He decided that the next project needs to be a sweater, legwarmers, hat or whatever I decided to make for her five pound Chihuahua, Lupe. I also was give a smile, hug and um... More yarn. (Ahem.)

I really like the yarn I used. It's from Manos del Uruguay. I think the warm colors make it that much more inviting.

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