Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Favorite Place

Ooo. Susan's Yarn Garden in Sioux City. by you.

I talked for days about going to 'the yarn store'. I really didn't have any idea what it was like. And frankly I envisioned in no way came close to the mecca that was Susan's Yarn Garden.

When we walked in on New Years Eve, we heard this boisterous music. Triumphant, all pomp and circumstance. We had arrived just in time for the turning of 2009 in Germany. Perfect timing. Because that is how I felt when I saw the shelves of yarn. O my.

Susan was a delightful soul. She entertained my questions and even gave me a few patterns and one I'll post here tomorrow. The others, you'll just have to pop over and see her to get your own.

The shop has been up and running for 3 1/2 year, and business is still good, despite the economic down turn. And we all know that women will go without a lot before they give up their yarn budget. I know I'd give up food. Isn't that a new years resolution? Weigh less, knit more.

Susan's Yarn Garden in Sioux City. by you.

O and those book shelves.  Gems just waiting to be plucked up. There were so many, I couldn't even begin to choose what I wanted. With a wise suggestion, I opted for the NEW Debbie Bliss Magazine put out by Vogue Knitting. Thank goodness, Ms. Susan ordered enough. She said she got phone calls from all over the country asking for spare copies. I feel privileged to own one. Now... what's easy enough that I could actually attempt it?

Susan's Yarn Garden in Sioux City. by you.

You might want to try the weekend sweater. Pick up a pattern for $2.50. They offer a wide variety of classes, just check out the schedule. Hopefully, I can make it down there for a few knitter's circle nights or oo... there are so many to choose from!

So you saw a bit of my new stash yesterday on my sister's head. Wasn't she cute?

And more I'll post here as the projects get finished. And if you're on Ravelry, keep looking for her. She'll be there soon.


kshotz said...

Totally agree! I stop in as often as possible when visiting family in Sioux City. I took Susan's Entrelac Bag class and it was a delight.

Kim in Fort Dodge

thimbleina said...

What a great looking shop. Love your sister's hat
Have a great weekend

Mariah said...

Susan's is a great place to go. I love her place, and she even has a bunch of toys for my husband and kids to play with while I'm shopping.

Channon said...

Knit more, weigh less. I think you need to copyright that.

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