Thursday, January 29, 2009

Riding in Cars with Toddlers

We made an impromptu trip into Sioux City last night, seems that when picking up the bathroom exhaust fan from Lowes two nights ago, mommy left her purse... at Lowes. Good one Mommy.

So we drove back. Did I mention its a 45 minute drive one way?

Well we’ve had lots of cooped up family time this week. And in the car we had so many little snippets of toddler conversation/wisdom, that I can’t recount it all but I will give you one conversation.

Izzo: Mom? Where does God sleep?
ME: God doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t need to.
Izzo: Where does God live then? In his house?
ME: God doesn’t need a house, but he lives around us.
Izzo: Where is his bed then?
ME: God doesn’t need a bed.
Eric: Gods outside the space/time continum [Ahem... Thank you, Dad.]
Izzo: So God lives outside?
ME: Well sort of. He always around us.
Izzo: O ok.


Izzo: Can I take my shoes off in the car?

And that was it... Just a little thoughts and questions. Nothing resolved but, nothing further needed. I love kids.

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Channon said...

Out of the mouths of babes... thanks for sharing!

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