Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Man

I don't often blog specifically about the little guy. Probably because our conversations arn't tickle-me-funny yet, but I'm sure there will be soon.

I've realized that there are a few mile stones that I've yet to share in his little world.

He is walking! And to Grandma for the first momentous steps. He's a smart boy. He knew he'd get the most mileage in his steps if he walked to his biggest fan (other than momma and daddy of course). He just walked his unsteady and a little sideways gait toward Grandma, big smile (as always) and arms out. It was quite amazing!

His word list is expanding also. He's a little parrot, repeating lots of little words and phrases in his own Truman way. His favorite word? Cooookkkkiiieee. Cookie. A man after my own heart.

Another milestone. Coffee drinking. I'm telling the dog-gone truth. I have no clue what let him talk me into giving him some (a thimbleful with lots of milk, no sugar). HE LOVES IT. Now he asks for "Coffkee, Mama." Can I say it again? A man after a Mama's heart.

He loves cooking in his sister's play kitchen making 'nummies' and feeding them to the masses, that metal mug overfloweth with lots of nummies.

He loves his grandparents, and talking on the phone. Naturally he would spend most of his playtime talking to "Hyyeee Guhma" (Hi Grandma), "GuhMommy" (GrandMommy) and Bahn-Bahn" (Grandma Bonnie also referred to as Bon-Bon... Thank you nickname happy Isabel) on the Hello (Telephone).

I'm realizing more and more what a grown up little man he is! And the funny conversations are there, just in a few words. Maybe just a few words is all you need.

So, thanks to Megan I found what a lovely name! It is the cutest experiential website. If your in need of babynames (which I am not, just for clarification), try this little place out, it'll make you your own logo out of your babies or your own name!

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Jim Ellis said...

your son is seriously one of the coolest little persons i know...

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