Monday, November 3, 2008

List of Lovely-ness.

Last week, posed a great question, ‘what are some special things on your mind that brighten your day? Do share...’

My answer was:
Some things on my list lately, trips to the library for fall books. Then discussing the changing leaves on the walk home. Making, baking, eating halloween 'kitty' cookies with the kiddos. Isabel my almost-three-year-old has such attention to detail and process now.

My son Truman's new explosion of words, the are as numerous and as beautiful as the falling leaves. Dog, juice, outside, let's go... all of these words sound so new and full of promise from a little person.

I’d like to amend my answer, and include some of the other things that make me happy right now.

My husband, who is amazing in so many ways. A great father, a thinker/planner/organizer/dreamer. The kids love to just follow him around, out in the garden, with the chickens, and to the bathroom. They just want to be in his presence. Last night, we were all playing on the floor in the living room, tackling, tickling and being super silly. I don’t know if I would remember to do the silly thing in life if he weren’t around. He is super passionate about lots of issues and people. He’s forever thinking of little detail things that would make our lives run better. I so appreciate him, and I don’t tell him often enough. And he bakes unbelievable cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pie... so delicious.

My sweet mother-in-law whose gone through so much this year. Recovering from brain surgery has proven difficult, but she’s so strong. If you think about her, pray for her.

My friends, I have just a few girls that are close to me. And I love them like crazy. My mommy dates, scrap booking nights, dvd watching and cookie baking, crafty and incredibly wonderful ladies. You know who you are— lets go for coffee soon!

My family, who are all coming for a week between Christmas and new year. I can’t wait to have a house bursting to the brim of people. All the coffee, conversation, snowball fights, food and just being together. That hardly ever happens. I am so excited to be planning a handmade holiday and some awesome homemade meals. We put by so many gifts of summer, it will be awesome to eat all the apples, pears, pumpkins, salsa and so much more!

Fall, with all the chilly weather, sweaters, boots, gorgeous leaves falling off trees... and apples. Baking. Granola (which Izzo calls ‘granilla’ half granola half vanilla).

Knitting with my friend Tammy. We have some fun projects going on. I taught myself how knit in the round, using four needles. So fun! Isabel ‘knitted myself’ last night, basically wrapped her self up in a ball of yarn. She did need some ‘sticks.’ Tonight, I’m going to try to teach her how to finger crochet.

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Thimbleina said...

You have a husband that bakes - you lucky thing not that I mean I am not lucky to have my husband but baking!

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