Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unrealistic Daydreaming

My dream stove...

Written a few days ago:

The biting wind outside and the promise of snow has me nesting. I want wool socks, to learn how to cable knit and to pull out all the old quilts from the closet.

I went home for lunch today, lucky that I work so close. Changed into long argyle socks that were hidden by my tall brown sensible boots. The pointy toe flats that I wore to work didn’t cut it. And here I am at my desk still cold. I haven’t yet learned how to check the weather before I dress in the morning. Now where would I pencil that in? Between snuggling, showering, dressing me plus two, trading off children with Eric, breakfasting, cup of milking, Lilo and Stiching, and running out the door. O yeah... And check the weather. I just can’t foresee that. So good thing I live close enough to make lunch at home.

I’m dreaming of this dreary grey afternoon with all the warmth and glow that I can muster. When we pick up the little people at play school and drive the half mile back home. I wish I could have cookies, fresh from the oven and a steaming cup of cocoa for each one of us-- already there. I’d love a fireplace that magically appears in the living room (ala Sleeping Beauty) and o if the fairies could throw in a house cleaning, I’d be up for that too. We’d all sit in front of the fire (Truman wouldn’t try to climb in there at all). We’d read books and have a lovely good time... O to daydream.

It’s the kind of night for chicken noodle soup, fresh baked biscuits and apple crisp. Why do I always think in food?

That’s it, I think I planned our evening. If you add the hour plus playing tea party in Isabel’s room, bundling up and going for our customary walk after dinner, baths and a couple good fleece blankets at bedtime with our footie jammies, I think we could have a particularly beautiful evening!

Wish me luck!

Well the only thing accomplished in this day dream is chicken noodle soup. The night was filled with lots of whining, tears, naughty chair time, a failed and poopy trip to the library before bedtime.


Thimbleina said...

At least you tried to attempt that cosy warm evening. Have to try again.
Have a great weekend

Cassie said...

I so completely understand where you are coming from! Oh the best laid plans! My husband always tells me I have these Norman Rockwell images in my head. I can still dream right? Have a great weekend.

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