Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glorious Morning?

It’s after lunchtime and it’s still dark outside. It’s the kind of day where you have an inherent restlessness because it feels as though the night never ended. Grogginess amid florescent lights, never my forte. So now, my coffee mug and I have a day long relationship. Fill, guzzle, fill, guzzle. Perhaps, tonight I’ll have the energy of my children.

Isabel padded in my bedroom door and climbed her little self into bed with me in the quiet darkness.
Me: Isabel, its time to wake up and go eat breakfast.
Izzo: No it’s not, its still dark outside, and we need to snuggle, go back to sleep now.

Oh I wish. I also wish I could have bottled that moment, whispering in the darkness, her little hand on my chest, nudging me back down to the snuggly warm wrap of bed clothes. The smell of her shampoo and little girl scented hair, the warmth of her body and cold feet snuggling into me. How is it that I miss her when I’m sleeping at night? The morning it’s with relief and gratitude that we’ve made it to another glorious morning: no matter how dark it is outside.

*Photo taken this summer-- but still a favorite.


Aimée Folse said...

That is adorable Mary. A great moment I am sure. I miss you guys. Give everyone a hello for me.

Thimbleina said...

Oh how I wish that my little boy would say we needed to back to sleep instead of wanting to talk from the moment he opens his eyes at 6am. There is no gently waking up in our house, it is a real jolt to the day's start

henny said...

Hi..your kids are so cute :)
Remind me when I have my own kids when they're little...Enjoy your moment with them.

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