Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Martha Stewart I am Not

What a great evening! Scrapbooking Night, the brain child of my three amazing friends. Two hours: no husbands or kids and all the pages you can get done.

Tonight was the maiden voyage. We brought our tools, paper, photos and all sorts of ideas (or at least we had books with ideas).

Since I am not a scrapbooker- perhaps I do not have enough 'sit in me'- I thought I'd make this lovely envelope book that I spied on Martha Stewart's website. It looked easy enough. Plus, I have boxes of envelopes just sitting around my studio.

I followed the instructions correctly but the book that was hard to open and the book tape didn't really stick. I took it apart and tired to remake it. Boo. Not a beautiful project by any stretch of the imagination. Though I might take the idea and run with it another direction. Check back to see my progress.

The time was not wasted... I did get to spend all of it with the girls!

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