Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finding Fall: Sky Color

We recently got a book from the library called, Sky Color.

In this simple story, a little girl is given no blue paint for her classes mural project-- and she must paint the SKY! She ponders the question what color is the sky? And through observation and quietness of heart she finds a beautiful answer.

And I've thought of it daily since we read it.

As I've watched the Midwestern sky-- purple and midnight in the early morning, grey and frosty decorated with dancing yellow leaves on our walk to the bus, pink, orange and majestic on our quick morning drive into the office.

And like in the picture above, this energetic, electric and soft blue. In quiet tension with the orange, golden, yellow leaves.

We could also write a little book called leaf color, I suspect.

What Sky Color have you seen today?

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