Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along: Reading

For the last few nights, the kids have been reading their own bedtime stories. Isabel picked the book, Chester's Way she's been working through page by page (about four pages a night) and Truman is reading Disney's Cars early reader. And then we pick a book together that I read. Last night Truman wore his Max crown while I read, Where the Wild Things Are.

I do worry sometime if I'm raising readers, I so want them to enjoy a good book.

I haven't been knitting lately. Actually most of what we've been doing fits into the outdoor category-- gardening, digging, planting seedlings, sweeping. Or indoor late-spring cleaning, playroom detox and the like.

But I have snuck a few pages here and there for reading. I read the companion book to The Year of Magical Thinking which is, Blue Nights by Joan Didion. It was very good and it finished the story, but I thought The Year of Magical Thinking was such a stronger piece.

And I read Mary Oliver's Handbook of Poetry. It was amazing to see how she constructs a poem. And I love the poetry she's picked out as her examples. Like a tiny crack into her genius brain.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett was delightful, crafting an impossible story into the completely plausible. It was encompassed human emotion and interaction so poignantly. I would suggest this read to anyone.

And what should I knit next? Does anyone have suggestions? Or tell me what your knitting!

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