Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Remains: Creativity

As I was cleaning up last night,  tucking lovies into the arms of heavy-breathing, heavy eyed cherubs, scrubbing spots of the kitchen table and swooping up arm loads of trains, I noticed something-- our desks were all filled with projects, favorite things and in short, our personalities.

The creativty we've captured in our house this week:

On my drafting table, a little painting (on a tiny canvas,
from a beautiful friend-- the slipper is from her too!),
a journal from Kerry, a painting from Truman, art supplies and a little painted
stone that says 'do small things with great love.'

Isabel's desk, found leaves, purplicious book,
2008 Madame Alexander catalog for inspiration,
her fleece coat and paper dolls.

Truman keeps his desk much more sparce.
But he's so into the stamps on his chore chart!
What's projects is on your desk, are you doing any New Years creating?


Emily said...

Great observations, Mary! I love your mini painting :)

Anne said...

I really like that one of Truman's chores is to wake up -- the biggest chore of the day sometimes!

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