Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Minutes

The three minutes between getting shoes on this morning and the drop off at school, I lost my cool.

In those three minutes there were lost shoes (how!? I just handed them to you!), lost mittens (replacements for lost mittens had a hole. And then tears about said hole), a broken plate, a forgotten bear and lunch box mislaid. And then their were a few words, I wish I would have said with different 'timing and tone.'

But, I asked for forgiveness. We made a plan for what could possibly have gone different in the future.

How could we approach this better?

And I gave away my crushing guilt for a bit of grace.

And that is one of the only lessons I want them to learn. To give grace and recieve grace-- even when it's undeserved.

Because the kind of grace they gifted me with after those three minutes, wholly undeserved grace.

(photo from our last trip to California)

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