Thursday, July 14, 2011

the summer we sent letters:: photo projects

I've been working hard a writing little love notes to my friends and family. Not just because, I'm trying to write letters this summer. But because I want to remind them how much I appreciate them.

I came up with two fun photo mini-projects that could help you get on your way to writing more letters.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: 

I had ordered a few new photos from snapfish and for some reason, about five of them were blank or like this beautiful picture of the little man, just a half photo.

Some creative thrills with Sharpie and save this bum photo from a life in the garbage.

A Postcard for Papa:

The second mini-project was just a way to send this lovely little memory to Papa, by way of homemade postcard.

Here's a simple step by step.

You'll need: 
Photo (make sure it's not the *only* one you have. If it is an original, make a copy to use.)
Water color paper (or thick card stock)
Acrylic gloss medium (mod-podge or glue will work too)
Old paint brush (for applying the gloss/glue)
Fine point permanent markers for drawing

Gather materials!

Brush a thin film of glue onto the water color paper.
Carefully place photo on top of wet glue. And press down firmly.
If you are worried about finger prints, use a washcloth to help you.
Let set a few minutes for the glue to adhere but not quite dry, then
trim the watercolor paper to photo size.
Place between two books and scratch paper to dry for 20 minutes or so.
Draw on you little love note.
I used a label cut in half for the address portion.
Address and stamp your postcard is ready to mail!


Have you been sending letters too? Do you have a project or a great idea you'd like to share for the summer we sent letters?

Next week Thursday, we'll all link up and show what we've created!

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Angela said...

Now that is cool. How very talented and creative you are!

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