Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekending:: The Girls Date

We had a lovely weekend of playing with our little friend, nice weather (for a few hours!) and sunshine. Great conversation, lattes and pancakes. Burgers on the grill-- with blue cheese, hot house tomatoes and tobacco onions. Cotton sheets on the beds.  Robins flying out side our window.

Ahhh, deep breath. Exhale.

Well, it's WINDY and in the 40's this morning. But I can still revel in the few hours of sunshine that gave me just a morsel of Spring.


Yesterday, while Truman was playing with his future wife (oh I hope!)... Isabel and I snuck away for a date. We needed milk and yogurt for the week ahead so we took off to our neighboring town. And we treated ourselves to a boy-free dinner. And a trip to the only open grocery store. And we sat at: "The littlest booth for just two!" Isabel was so excited to be alone with just me.  

Why don't we do this more often? 

She talked about life, told me stories, smiled a lot and got all excited over chocolate ice cream at the end.

We talked about what will change in Kindergarten. A packed lunch! New kids! Walking to school (if we can get out the door early enough)! And things that are happening right now, more grown-up things than we like to be talking about. Sick friends and family members. Loss of our beloved neighbor's dog (such a dear-sweet dog). She said her heart hurt and frankly mine did too.

And I marveled at how old she's getting. Grieving for the little girl but so hopeful for the future. She's wise and kind, witty and humorous and has a gentle, gentle soul. Recently I commented to a friend, "CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE'S GOING TO BE IN KINDERGARTEN?" And she read deep into my soul and replied softly, "You will always be her mom, Mary. Mine is 16 and I'm still mothering, your not loosing anything with them getting older. You're just gaining."

And, yes, I am. I'm just gaining.

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