Thursday, April 21, 2011

Izzo in the Sky with Diamonds

Last night as we pulled into the driveway of our little home. A place I longed to be at but, was working past dinner to hit a deadline. Several in fact.

And my eyes woke up looking at those trees as I unbuckled my girl from her seat.

I noticed the light-- it wasn't the typical grey and cold. The night was brisk and the sun was casting rays of golden gifts.

Truman fell asleep in the very short ride home from the post-dinner fetching and retrieving trip of me. And he was quietly tucked in his bed. And Isabel was boldly awake.

So she and I stepped outside so I could capture this fleeing light.

But what I captured was the essence of her.

Do you see her? All stripes and 'coca-dots'? Windblown hair, it's natural slight wave slight tangle-- that cringes at the sight of a hair bush.

And her face, so expectant.

Grandma Bonnie once got a fortune from a cookie that said, "Meet each day with Curiosity and Hope."

And this my friends is the unspoken, inborn motto of this little woman's life.

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