Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year: Watching, Listening

"Are your listening ears on?" I ask as we wheel our cart stuffed with luggage, gifts, back packs and beloved dolls. There are people everywhere. And this is an attempt to snap my dreamy little girl into  reality-- just for a few minutes-- for her own safety.
Isabel reaches to her ears one at a time. "Click! Click, they're on!"

"Are your observation eyes on?"
"Click! Click! Yep!"


I usually use my time at Lent as a New Years resolutions. I resolve to do something to better me or my family, not to restrict or not eat chocolate (I am realistic... hehe). This year for Lent, I gave up time wasters, and it was the most amazing thing. I was able to embrace that new time fully.

And now that I have recouporated from studying and graduating, from Christmas sewing and from holiday traveling (and I have an empty laundry room... gasp I know).  I feel like it's time now to refocus, refresh and take in a deep breath. To take 2011 as a chance to learn about myself, my family and others.

And for this year, I'm only asking myself two things. "Are your listening ears on?" "Are your observation eyes on?"

My goal is just to be the best version of me. Letting go of perfectionism and replacing it with trying hard, being consistent and loving deeply. I am going to wake up each day with a song in my heart and eyes on that see the beauty in the daily.

Will you journey with me? Ears and eye 'clicked' on-- noticing beauty?

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Conny said...

Absolutely ~ I'm with you on this. Listening and observing are what I do best. :>)

Wonderful to see you here in 2011. Cheers~

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