Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Read Aloud: What to Read on an Airplane

I should never say I'm going to 'be here a bit' or 'show projects' because yikes! That never happens when I say it will. 

I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee mustering the strength to pull the children out of their warm beds and shove them into coats. Knowing that their night was far too short. And I am not ready to get out of my snuggly-amazing robe the kids got me for Christmas. It was such a good trip-- we went to visit family in Alabama. Warmth and snow, BBQ and sweet tea, red velvet cake and coffee... cousins and snow ball fights. Laughing, football watching, game playing, treasure map making! I just couldn't be more full of good memories.

We read Cinderella and Little Wizard Stories of OZ on our airplane flights. We read The Wonderful Wizard of OZ this summer and Little Wizard Stories introduces so many new characters.

And now the kids are interested on reading more about Jack the Pumpkinhead and the Hungry Tiger. Which aren't even in the movie (they haven't seen the movie... I'm not ready for flying monkey nightmares...).

So fun to see the kids imagination ignite with great literature-- without photos, just their minds eye to guide them. Isabel begged, "Read more! Read More!" I think that was my best Christmas gift this year.

How was your Christmas? Are you reading anything good?

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