Friday, December 17, 2010


Handwork is an important part of my life, it grounds me. My work life is all digital building websites and eStores, uploading photos... I am so connected to my computer. When I come home I want something in my hands to see the progress on-- the rhythmic pattern of knitting or a freehand embroidery.

So I wasn't surprised when my kids-- especially Isabel-- wanted to sew. They love picking out old scraps of to put into the embroidery hoop and picking out their yarn. They had been working on little 'blankies' and hand sewing at daycare (my friend and former preschool teacher now watches my kids and her kids... they have so much fun!). So now we have a handwork basket at the ready for story time or weekend movie watching. It is amazing to see her with her project and me with mine, elbow to elbow on the couch. We have a deep understanding, our minds are occupied, our hands are busy but, we're together.

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