Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tell Me a Story:: Rebekah from Elder Family

Today, I would love to introduce you to Rebekah, my dear dear friend.

We met my freshman year of college (and her sophomore). And though we lived about as far a part as possible on our 'wing' in the dorm, we shared clothes. Lots of clothes. Because we were exactly the same size. Down to our shoes. And we had very similar taste in clothes. Which made this sharing-of-closet useful when we were all still going on dates.

Rebekah and her little family have moved from the Great State of Texas back to our area and I am loving it. She is the kind of girl you want over for a cup of tea, to laugh and cry with, to bake and to scrapbook with (even if, like me you don't really scrap book. Gasp, I know.).

She's my blogging buddy and our husbands have this eerie um... connection to all things gross and inappropriate.... funny we have matching eye-rolls as well.

Without further ado...

Welcome, Rebekah, Tell Us a Story. 

Where do you live?

We are in the great midwest, a little more specifically Northwest Iowa. I purchased our very own home this year and have enjoyed filling it up and making it our own.

Tell me about your family?
My family consists of myself, my husband and best friend, David our 2 year old going on 16 year old son, Noah and our lazy, lovable beagle, Molly. We have 'adopted' so to speak a new member of our family, Jim, who rent out our basement but has been a long time friend since college.

What activity or circumstance makes you feel most alive?
Most recently and as part of the everyday, discovering new places and my 'adventures' with Noah. I have recently became a stay at home mom (by choice) and I love being at home with Noah but I am not very good at the staying home part - and I really think I am starting to rub off on Noah. Plus we have very recently moved to NW Iowa so there are always new things to discover. We like getting outside: parks, libraries, going for walks, museums, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, the farmers market.

Another part of my life that has made be feel most alive is making our new home, ours! After years of living in apartments and not being able to put our own 'stamp' on our home it has been nice to play with paint colors, create paintings, refinish furniture, make curtains, and the countless other ideas I / we have.

What gratitude did you feel today? What gave you peace? Any ah-ha moments?
For my husband. He has been very patient with me with me adjusting to staying at home and when he can and when he is home he reminds me that he is here now and I don't have to take care of everything.

Peace came several times today; this morning waking up to our son curled up beside me after he got up at 6 am and came to our room asking to crawl in with us. This morning during our church service a part of our service is to Pass the Peace, Noah turns to those around us and says, 'Peace be with you'! And this evening when the same exhausted little boy sat in my lap, both of us cuddled under a blanket and read stories until he turned around hugged me and feel asleep as I say Amazing Grace.

How do you see gratitude or mindfulness? Is this a daily practice?
I unfortunatly find myself missing the 'mindfulness' or being able to see the gratitude all too often. Like many people I get through the day, prepare for the next - it is something I strive to do daily. Those times and days I see gratitude usually come when there is a quiet moment and I can step back and see all of the blessings I have in my life: my family, health, a warm home, friends the list goes on and on and I wonder how to I miss seeing it.

You've just moved to a new city, with a new home and a new job-- has your 'thank yous' changed in this new stage? Have you been thankful for things you haven't thought of before?

I think now that David and I have had a change of roles I realize how I took him for granted at times. Many more thank yous to family that are now more of a everyday part of Noah's life because of our move.

I know you love cooking, decorating and caring for Mr. Noah. How do you live out your daily gratitude in small tasks as well as big ones?
I think the big part is sharing them with Noah! I do enjoy cooking and baking but always feel like I can't but I now find ways for Noah to help me in the kitchen: stirring, pouring, using cookie cutters, etc. There is always something for little hands to do you just have to think outside the box. Decorating too, we have been choosing paint colors for the playroom wall - I let Noah paint a spot on the wall or purchase a canvas for him to create his own art. And even though it takes a bit more planning or thinking these moments with Noah are priceless and lots of fun.


Rebekah is a wife, mommy, educator and as much as her husband laughs at her, she will always be a country girl. She loves to scrapbook, bake, sew, travel, read, dream up 'adventures' for her family to enjoy and the Fall season.

You can find Rebekah on the Web in a variety of places:

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