Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekending and an Announcement...

Phew. Good Morning. Isn't this photo beautiful? It's the sky after a storm. The sun was setting, but there will still low-lying clouds.

How was your weekend? I'm listening to the sounds of a sleeping house, it's still quite dark outside and it feels so good to have this little place full to the gills of family.

My weekend? Fabulous. Thank you for asking. (:

While Eric had a mini-road trip, I had coffee, went to the bakery, shopped at the farmers’ market and had a visit with our Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa John, cleaned out a boat-load of closets and cupboards. And that was just Saturday!

My father-in-law and nephew are here for the week, we are all giddy with excitement. The my nephew who was here two winter’s ago. Has it really been that long? Well he’s 12 now. And such a fun ‘grown up’ playmate. Everything he does is awesome, ask my kids— they are excited to get up in the morning just to be with him!

And we’ve eating Mexican food. For lunch we went to our favorite, Los Tulipanes (in Sioux Center for all you locals) and it’s amazing. We had fajitas for two, like we always do because it feeds Eric and I plus kids and leftovers. Mmmm perhaps I’ll have it for breakfast.

And after a lovely trip to Sioux Falls (though we drove home in POURING rain. Scary.) we came home and had the handmade tamales, Carlos brought for us. Crumbled and scrambled with eggs, with bolios and Mexican hot chocolate.

My tummy is so happy right now.

And it will probably be happy all week...

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