Thursday, July 8, 2010

A place for me...

Before Truman was born and when he was a tiny baby, I had a little office/studio in his room. We shared it-- which at the time was awesome. We played and napped at the same time. I could feed him and put him down while Izzo napped and then design and coordinate until they woke up.  It was so  good for a work-at-home mom.

Then he got older, and I went back to full time work. My studio moved to the basement. But that has never been condusive to creating for me. Carving out large chunks of time to create in the cave-- no thank you. And most of the time I just camp out at the kitchen table. But that leaves a huge mess in the kitchen-- a big pet peeve I can't seem to overcome. 

I still have a studio in the basment, bookshelves of screen printing and block printing supplies, looming supplies, paintings from college, paper making and paper-art, old books... whenever something strikes me I have tools at my diposal.

I just needed a little space upstairs for the daily creating and a place to keep everything.

So move over nightstand! It's a bit like college, having a bed and desk right next to eachother (and that chair is from my desk at college). But I will be finishing my degree in the fall, and I need some place to study with a door that locks. And our room seemed like the perfect place.

For a creating space, I narrowed my focus to the three media I work with most often (ahem, right now--because that changes frequently).
Yarn-- I had three large bags of yarn in my room. Some of this acrylic yarn I've had since childhood. So I actually (gasp), cleaned out all my yarn and kept only what contained natural materials. And the rest I've donated. Except for a bag I have that has a blankets worth of yarn I was just given. That will become a blanket this winter.

Sewing and paper. I don't do much of either right now, and usually I sew onto my cards so they go together for me. I had kept my stamps, cards and address book in my purse-- but now it's in my desk. And I can sit down to finish up a few cards and addresses in no time. So much easier.

Photography-- this was in another bag. And now is tucked neatly in a drawer. All the specialty lenses in their place. Literature, manuals and cleaning kit.
 And I love that this is totally seperate from our computer desk. As my computer can be a time-suck.

So there you have it, a bit of a desk, a tiny studio. And a sigh of relief for me. 

Do you have a space of your own to create? Or a little corner you've taken over?

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Mary Beth said...

Oh, I love this! I know the feeling of not being able to carve out time to go to a separate room to create. Your little corner is lovely.

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