Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outside Play...

Last night turned from a sweltery car wash party into an all out kids-are-naked water war.

We had a conversation on the way home from daycare , and the kids didn't know you could wash your own car. Boo for us always going to the carwash.  So after dinner and dishes,  I taught them how.

When the car was successfully cleaned, suddenly clothes were not as important. And they were thrown off with the disclaimer of, "But I'm too hot for a swim suit." Which was so true. I was too hot for my clothes too, but I was not about to... um... be that free. (: 

And they transferred their newly-acquired-skills toward two bikes, the two pools, children sized out door furniture. O and Bambi. Plus about another dozen things. This was the perfect summer evening-- as soon as I became too hot to stand it, Truman would come by with the hose. Offering to cool off my feet.

AND we had a blast. Too bad this is the only photo I can show you.

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