Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonderful Weather-filled Weekend

Yawn! I'm tired, we had an awesome weekend at Wahbonsie State Park and we stretched it waayy into Monday. Which is the best kind of weekend, if you ask me.

With 8 other couples, there was much laughter and games, food and merriment. Some days, the weather was less than ideal,  dark grey skies, thunderstorms, intense amounts of rain. Our little tent stayed dry and the weather gave us an excuse to relax, play more games, read books, eat, eat, eat.

But when the sun came out we played a cutthroat game of wiffle ball and we descended on a local swimming pool with 100% group participation. Which is kind of amazing seeing as we had two sprained ankles and two pregnant women.

And, the kids had a blast with their Auntie Meggie on their own very special weekend. Hot Dogs! Sprinklers! Toy Story 3! Popsicle! Wonder Pets! Truman cried himself to sleep on the way home from Omaha, where we left Megan at a hotel so she'd be ready to get home early Tuesday morning. Crying loudly... "My heart is sad. Meggie needs to come home with us."

After I unpack the car, dry out the tent and throw in some of our wet laundry-- I'll share photos with you!

*Photo from Homer-Dog

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Elder Family said...

Can't wait to see more photos. David and I were so happy that we decided to make the trip(s) down even though we couldn't be there for the entire weekend! love ya

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