Monday, June 28, 2010

The Good Old Days

Yesterday, our pastor talked about the good old days. He started the sermon with the question, "When were the good old days?" And after a few seconds of quiet he followed up with, "You can shout out an answer."

"Remember that summer when..."  "The 80's were the place to be..."

I sat there wondering, if it is this summer. And I'm not trying to sound cliche but, it's true.

 Food and laughter. Sprinklers and warm towels. Gratitude and celebration. Cleaning and reparing. Soul-filling friendships. And after camping last weekend, this weekend was birthday parties, good bye parties, lunch and conversation, dinner and conversation.

I love filling a place up with people and caring for each other in the process.

Last night, I was driving home from a evening of food and relaxation, the sun was setting-- in this end of a movie, sun-dog and light blue sky kind of way. And the the kids singing in the back seat-- no longer requiring more than a book and a toy on the way home to engage them. And the wild flowers and prairie grass peek up where ever the fields end, purple, yellow, and a light green with white feathery plumes. I was overwhelmed with this sense that this is so good.

Of course this weekend was also filled with more severe weather, hot tempers and meltdowns. But, if I choose to just look at the good. To be present in everyday, I may find that everyday can be the good old days.

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